About Me

To see what we’ve never seen and go where we’ve gone, we must be as we’ve never been.

My name is Reet Taylor and it is my life’s work to fuse ideas, art, and technology together to help make this world a closer place.

From the stories I would dream up as a kid, to the writing and artwork I got published during college, I have always found myself drawn towards concepts that feel fresh, inspired, and unique all the same. Having recently earned my Bachelor’s in Digital Media & Society; I am currently seeking to break into the world of professional communications.

Communications is a field I chose for the variety of career options it provides; a few of which (podcasting, videography, reporting) I was given the chance to try my hand at during my college career. My skills within it are bolstered by a background in creative writing from my brief stint of being an English major, interpersonal relations from six years of retail management, and an internship studying social media engagement.

With my free time, I am always down for traveling, exploring, and new experiences whether abroad or within my own neighborhood. I have been writing and developing my own short essays, poetry, and graphic novel concepts since high school, and began to work with graphic design along the way.

My style is image remixing: editing preexisting imagery to enhance our transform its content. It pairs nicely with the smartphone photo and video that naturally accompany my adventuring.

A general goal of mine with the methods used to create my work is to demonstrate that their creations don’t have to be made in the same way as everyone else; if it done in its own way, it will be regarded as being something else.

As the creative director of Camden, NJ based nonprofit organization, Watu Moja, I merge the skills attained through my employment, education, and personal endeavors to curate events and design merchandise.

If you have any feedback or are interested in collaborating, feel free to shoot me an email at: Reet.Taylor@Rutgers.edu